The Kilduff Group publishes two daily energy research notes, occasional blogs, and offers custom energy trading research products to a wide variety of market participants and observers.

Daily Notes

Coming soon… the new Energy Overview is a two-part rapid consumption, daily research note that provide actionable analysis into the energy markets and help readers with energy trading, energy price risk management, and industry trends. Readers receive an early morning Energy OverView Flash Report that provides an audio podcast commentary embedded in an information-packed one-page report that provides updates and commentary on the markets, news, and overnight price action. It is followed by a full report, that has detailed analysis of the days key economic events, commentary on the global macro situation, petroleum, and natural gas markets, along with technical analysis of the crude oil and natural gas futures markets. There are key insights delivered throughout the report. It is the latest iteration and continuation of enormously popular research products authored by the partners of the Kilduff Group for nearly twenty years.

Custom Research

Energy is as an asset class that drives and is driven by the global economy and a myriad of other market forces.  Supply fundamentals are certainly an important factor when evaluating the energy markets. However, fundamentals do not provide an adequate market view to base important decisions.

Kilduff Group’s proprietary CAT-5 TotalView methodology empowers its clients with actionable and performance-driven information and indicators distilled from large sets of complex data covering five main areas:

  1. Macro Economic Drivers
  2. Energy Market Fundamental Analysis
  3. Energy Market Technical Analysis
  4. Market Sentiment Analysis
  5. Global Situation Impacts or Trends

TotalView’s CAT-5 five category approach considers hundreds of metrics that produce valuable indicators that assist in making informed decisions relative to the energy markets and energy trading.  Because each of our client’s needs is different, we work with our clients to provide research in a format that creates high impact results for their needs.

Our coverage includes the following:

  1. Crude Oil News
  2. Crude Oil Pricing
  3. Crude Oil Price History
  4. Diesel
  5. Gasoline
  6. Heating Oil
  7. Jet Fuel
  8. Natural Gas News
  9. Natural Gas Price
  10. Natural Gas Price History

Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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